January 2nd, 2018: Happy New Year!



Tuesday Sunny, with a high near 27. Wind chill values between zero and 10. West wind around 14 mph.

Tuesday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 16. Wind chill values between 10 and 15. West wind 7 to 14 mph.

Sunrise: 7:20am

Sunset: 4:40pm

If you're getting back on the bike this morning for the first time since the holidays brace for frigid conditions watch for ice and for residual snow in some bike lanes and greenways:

fort george

(Fort George Hill, Manhattan)

And if your'e venturing back into social media for the first time since the holidays you'll doubtless find the inanity more jarring than the cold.  For one thing, Senator Golden's been up to his old tricks:

For another, a Canadian journalist reminded us all that yes, drivers still resent us, especially in adverse conditions:

Though the response from the local police warmed all our hearts:

Various tweeters also called her out for using a phone while driving, but she claimed it was a dash cam.

You know, a really high resolution dash cam that somehow also included the dash in the photo.

Yeah, right.

Then there was this guy, who hilariously dubbed cars "liberty machines:"



On the other hand, lightweight machines that are immune to congestion and virtually free to operate on the other hand are apparently a ball and chain on the ankle of society:

Yes, students of physics will no doubt recall the law that explains how bigger things somehow take up less space:

New York City Gridlock

Then he showed that the only thing he knows less about than physics is Native American culture:


Robertson was soon overtaken however by Amy Alkon, LA road diet opponent, who took the Twitterverse by storm...muting storm:

Muting's kind of her trademark apparently:

In addition to believing people who cycle with children are "assholes," Alkon also holds some rather retrograde views on matters such as race:

And harassment:

Her muting spree continues into the New Year unabated:

But why import anti-bike cranks from out west when we can grow our own?  And when it comes to saying dumb stuff about bikes, Steve Cuozzo is an evergreen:


Limo-favoring Mayor de Blasio wants even more bike lanes. As a result, the 86,000 New Yorkers who pedal to work every day — most of them young, lithe and athletic, and to hell with everyone else — have more say than the 3.6 million who go to work by other means.

This is like saying there shouldn't be libraries because you think only smart people use them.

Yes, Cuozzo really hates the lithe, and evidently he thinks they're part of a trim, fit, and tidy conspiracy to destroy the city:

And of course all this traffic, which consists entirely of cars, is somehow caused by bikes:

In an attempt to “remedy” all this, the city has more than doubled the reach of bike lanes from 513 miles in 2006 to 1,133 miles today. But anyone who believes the lanes, and proliferating pedestrian “plazas,” don’t hold up traffic for everyone but cyclists has never been behind the wheel. They cause drivers to slow down, force trucks to double-park and make life miserable for everyone on foot.

Right.  This bridge-and-tunnel blogger has been driving here for almost 30 years, try again Steve.

Speaking of home-grown kooks, meet Bob Friedrich:

The closest subway station to Bob Friedrich’s home in eastern Queens is 10 miles away, so he drives to work in Manhattan at least three times a week.

Evidently the Times's fact-checking department were off for the holidays, because this is simply not true:

In fact the whole story's flimsier than a Target cable lock:

Nevertheless, Bob Friedrich's opinions on city planning somehow made in into print in one of our most august publications:

He said there were other ways to reduce congestion in Manhattan besides tacking on a new fee, such as by, say, eliminating bike lanes on major thoroughfares that are lightly used in cold months but contribute to year-round gridlock or by reducing fares on the Long Island Rail Road, which runs through Queens, to the same areas as the subways.

Remember that Fort George Avenue bike lane from earlier in the post?

fort george

That's a 10% grade in sub-20 degree weather, and it sure looks like people on bikes are using it, even if nobody's seen fit to clear it yet.

If we're looking to free up street space, how about removing some of those lightly-used cars that only move for alternate-side parking instead?

Perhaps the Times should run that one by Mr. Friedrich.