November 29th, 2018: Passive Aggressive

The wind isn't done with us yet:

Thursday Weather

Thursday Sunny, with a high near 45. Wind chill values between 25 and 35 early. Breezy, with a northwest wind 17 to 20 mph.

Thursday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 33. Northwest wind 6 to 15 mph.

Sunrise: 6:59am

Sunset: 4:30p 

And the 26th Street bike lane is still under siege:

Good news!  Madison Jane Lyden's memorial has been found:

Streetsblog has the story:

On Tuesday, DOT officials finally located the bike — after entreaties from local advocates, Streetsblog and Council Member Helen Rosenthal. The bike had been removed ahead of last week’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and put in a warehouse on Manhattan’s East Side, agency spokesperson Chris Browne said.

The bike will be made available to activists, who can return it to its original location on Central Park West across the from 66th Street, Browne added.

The NYPD denies involvement:

The big news of course was the introduction of the new e-bike/e-scooter bill:

This would be a major coup for delivery cyclists and Big Scooter alike, though the mayor has his doubts:

Over the years the mayor has offered opinions such as:

  • It's okay to park your car in the bike lane as long as you don't leave it there too long
  • Delivery people should use cars instead of ebikes
  • Congestion pricing is a regressive tax on the poor

But the idea that going from place to place should always involve exercise is out there even for him.  After all, what's more aggressive than driving?

Then again he does pedal a stationary bike after his motorcade ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn, so maybe there's an odd sort of logic there.

But yes, delivery people really should get more exercise:

At least six delivery people have been targeted and had their electric bicycles stolen while on duty in the last two months.

In each of the cases, the delivery person reported two men approaching them, sometimes with a knife, and then punching them in the face before stealing their electric bicycle.

In one of the cases, the men also made off with the man's cellphone, $400 cash and the food he was set to deliver.

And let's not forget those "safety concerns:"

Meanwhile, it sounds like the DOT has quietly dropped plans to expand dockless bike share to Coney Island:

The dockless bike program launched in three boroughs this past summer. The DOT initially said it would include Coney Island in the program, but there are now no plans to roll out a pilot there, a department spokeswoman said.

Nevertheless, Lime bikes continue to arrive in a flanking maneuver from Yonkers:

Don't worry, I moved it out of the way and called Lime.

If only it were so easy to deal with illegally parked cars...