Four Seniors Killed on New York City Streets in the Last Week

Statement of Transportation Alternatives' Interim Director Ellen McDermott in response to a recent spate of fatal crashes in which older New Yorkers were the victims:
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“Transportation Alternatives sends its condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Monday’s deadly crash, in which an 80-year-old woman was struck and killed by the driver of a school bus while crossing Boston Road in the Bronx, marks the fourth senior killed while walking in New York City in the last week. 

  • On Wednesday, March 6, 85-year-old Stella Clinton was struck and killed by the driver of an SUV -- who has a history of reckless driving -- ran her over while backing into his driveway on Avenue S in Brooklyn’s Marine Park.
  • On Saturday, March 9, 82-year-old Evaristo Mercado was struck by the driver of a van while crossing Maujer Street in Williamsburg.
  • On Sunday, March 10,  71-year-old Salvatore Pierro succumbed to injuries sustained after being struck by a driver of an SUV the previous day at the corner of Annadale Road and Arden Avenue on Staten Island.

Going about the business of everyday life in New York City -- walking home from church, crossing the street, going to the store -- shouldn’t carry a death sentence. 

Careless driving is an epidemic in our city, and too often our streets have no room for error. We don’t have to accept this status quo. There is a bill in front of City Council with 44 co-sponsors which would establish a “Vision Zero Street Design Standard,” a protocol designed to ensure that safety is prioritized above driver convenience. We urge Council Speaker Johnson and Mayor de Blasio to make passing this legislation a top priority.”