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The campaign for the North Shore Greenway, a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian greenway spanning the length of our North Shore waterfront and connecting the Verrazzano Bridge with the Goethals Bridge would be a game changer for Staten Island. It would restore waterfront access to historically underrepresented areas, many of which are environmental justice areas and open up recreational and transportation opportunities to those who need it most. Given the deep inequities to transit access that mars our western shoreline, where many residents live in transportation deserts, the value of added active transportation opportunities alone would be incalculable. Furthermore, through careful planning that’s cognizant of the shoreline's fragile environment, the same benefits that such a greenway would bring to North Shore communities could also complement our existing waterfront economy, offer visitors a new way to experience Staten Island make open our borough up to bicycle tourism.

With innumerable benefits, it should come as little surprise that we are far from the first group to come up with such a proposal. The idea of creating a waterfront pathway across Staten Island's North Shore, first proposed by the group "North Shore Waterfront, Inc" has existed for decades. These calls have been followed up by inclusion in several local studies including the New York City Economic Development Corporation's  North Shore 2030 Plan and Working West Shore 2030 Report but we don't need reports, we need action. We need the North Shore Greenway. 


Calls for the greenway are only getting louder! Click here to check out a special report showcasing the deep benefits, wide community support and decades of calls for the North Shore Greenway!