Upper East Side Crosstown Bike Lanes

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Having only one pair of crosstown bicycle lanes, Upper East Siders deserve more.

With the expansion of Citi Bike to the community, and the completion of the Second Avenue subway on the horizon, it's more important than ever for protected crosstown bike lanes to be built for people on bikes and other vulnerable streets users. In a community street scan, activists from Bike New York and Transportation Alternatives identified new routes for bicycling that will increase street safety.

Protected bike lanes are the solution because they do the following:

  • Encourage bicycling
  • Calm traffic
  • Boost business and foot traffic
  • Improve quality of life in residential areas
  • Reduce instances of speeding
  • Reduce injuries for everyone using the street

A new design will help connect people within the community, as well as ensure safe travel to other NYC neighborhoods. Join us in demanding a bold plan for safe and protected bicycle routes across the Upper East Side.