The Coalition to End Traffic Violence

Vision Zero Now is an ever-growing coalition of individuals, community organizations and businesses that seek an end to traffic violence on New York City streets.

The full list of coalition partners is below.

If you want to participate in the Coalition to End Traffic Violence, or are part of an organization looking to get involved, you can join here.

Coalition Partners

  • Park Slope Neighbors
  • New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition
  • Wilkinson O'Grady & Co., Inc.
  • Redbeard Bikes
  • Saner Living Neighborhood Association
  • Roxanne Warren Architects/vision42
  • Heritage Radio Network
  • Bronx Park East Community Association
  • Associação Amigos da Bicicleta
  • Make Brooklyn Safer
  • Long Beach Streets NY
  • Volunteers For Springfield Park
  • Partnership for a Healthier Staten Island
  • Right of Way
  • The Municipal Art Society
  • Bike New York
  • Cannery Works
  • Smiling Hogshead Ranch
  • SLO Architecture
  • Make Queens Safer