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Bill Establishing Street Safety Checklist for DOT Set to Pass in City Council This Week NY Daily News
Nueva York Plantea Multar a Quienes Crucen la Calle Mirando el Celular El Tiempo
NY Cogita Multar Quem Atravessa a Rua Olhando Para o Celular Opinião e Notícia
Förslaget: Förbjud Mobiltittande för Den Som Går över Gatan Ny Teknik
Absent de Blasio Blamed for Surge in NYC Traffic Deaths New York Post
Crosswalks May Soon Become 'No Texting Zones' Queens Daily Eagle
New Yorkban Büntetnék Azt, Akit Telefonnal a Kezében Kapnak el a Zebrán HVG
City Set to Install More Speed Cameras Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Cyclists Deserve Their Own Lane During Fleet Week, Like They Had in 2003 Streetsblog
Why Are So Many Cyclists Dying on Southern Brooklyn Streets? Brooklyn Daily Eagle
New York City Could Soon Fine You $250 for Texting While Crossing the Street The Drive
New York Lawmakers Considering a Ban on Reading This Article While Crossing a Street Time
Put a Bike and Pedestrian Path on Verrazzano Bridge, Advocates Tell MTA New York Daily News
Sen. John Liu’s Bill to Criminalize Walking Is Likely DOA Streetsblog
New York Might Fine You for Texting While Crossing the Street CNET
Nueva York Quiere Multar a Quienes Mandan Mensajes Mientras Caminan por las Calles
Americans Need More Bike Transit -- and These Nonprofits Are Bringing It Occupy
New York State Senate Introduces Bill to Make Texting While Walking Illegal and Will Issue $250 Fines to Anyone Caught Daily Mail
“Zombies” Who Use Their Cellphones at Crosswalks Could Be Fined Under Proposed NY Law Fast Company
New York Might Fine People for Texting While Crossing, Bankrupting Us All The Cut