Reclaim Magazine: Fall 2008

Reclaim Magazine is a quarterly publication sent only to T.A. members. If you are not yet a member, please join, but in the meantime, use the form below to request a sample copy of the magazine. If you're serious about biking, walking and sensible transportation in New York City, you don't want to miss a single issue of Reclaim Magazine. Each quarterly issue contains news on transportation and cycling issues that affect you. Go behind the scenes at City Hall and the D.O.T., to find out what improvements -- or problems -- are in store for cyclists and pedestrians in New York. Find out what New York can learn from London or Bangkok. Learn how you can help improve cycling and walking conditions in New York City.

Table of Contents, Fall 2008 Reclaim Magazine:
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  • [Page 2] Provocateur: [Page 3] Publisher's Letter:
    • NYC's Newest Export: Livable Streets
    [Page 4] Letters
      [Page 5-6] Cycling News:
      • Zero on Queens Boulevard
      • Slim Cycle-Tracks Debuts
      • A Greenway Grows in Brooklyn
      • Density in Brooklyn
      • The Connection is in!
      • 30 in Council Back bikes in Buildings
      • Bronx Goes for Bike Parking
      • Park Slope Coop Explores Valet Bike Parking
      [Pages 7] Parks:
      • Youth are United, Prospect Park No Longer Divided
      • Strolling towards Vistory
      [Page 8-9] Safe Streets:
      • New Tools ion the War on Speeding
      • I Walk here: Traffic Justice for Pedestrians
      • Bold Ideas for 21st Century Design
      [Page 10-13] In Focus:
      • Moving the Goalposts: how Bikes Become Public Transportation
      [Page 14-15] Sensible Transportation:
      • Placards Cuty in Half by '08
      • What Makes Main Street Tick?
      • traffic starts at Home
      [Page 16] Reclaiming the Streets:
      • NYC Park(s) It
      [Page 17] Membership:
      • 7,000 Members, Earned One at a Time
      [Page 19] Committee Updates:
      • Brooklyn Casts Ballots
      • Momentum in Co-op City
      • What's Hapenin' Partner?
      [Page 21] Best and Worst:
      • California: Governator Signs Complete Streets Bill
      • Netherlands: Cargo Trams to Replace Trucks
      • Argentina: BRT Take Place of Subway
      • India: Rickshaw Ban
      [Page 23] Volunteer Profile: Nick Rider
      [Page 25] Commuter Profile: Jill Smith

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