Reclaim Magazine: Summer 2008

Reclaim Magazine is a quarterly publication sent only to T.A. members. If you are not yet a member, please join, but in the meantime, use the form below to request a sample copy of the magazine. If you're serious about biking, walking and sensible transportation in New York City, you don't want to miss a single issue of Reclaim Magazine. Each quarterly issue contains news on transportation and cycling issues that affect you. Go behind the scenes at City Hall and the D.O.T., to find out what improvements -- or problems -- are in store for cyclists and pedestrians in New York. Find out what New York can learn from London or Bangkok. Learn how you can help improve cycling and walking conditions in New York City.

Table of Contents, Summer 2008 Reclaim Magazine:
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  • [Page 2] Provocateur: [Page 3] Publisher's Letter: [Page 4] Letters
      [Page 5-7] Cycling News:
      • Broadway Becomes a Boulevard
      • Cycle-Tracks Surge on the west Side
      • Who's Down with PIP? GWB!
      • Summit Knits Greenway Togeather
      • The Fix Is In
      • New Urgency on Queens Boulevard
      • MTA Rolls Forward
      • Manhattan Bridge Approaches Safer
      • Western Queens Gets Connected
      • Strong UWS Support Puts Lane on 106th Street
      • Portland's Sundway Parkways Show NYC the Way
      [Pages 8-9] Safe Streets:
      • If You Don't Show Up, Don't Complain
      • Keeping Cars in Check
      • Albany to 2.7 Million Bus Riders: You're On Your Own
      • Calming Harlem's Streets
      [Page 10] Streets Renaissance:
      • Block Building
      [Page 11] Reclaiming the Street:
      • Designing a Fit City
      [Page 12-15] In Focus: [Page 16] Sensible Transportation:
      • Parking Reform Leadership Found (just not in NYC)
      [Page 17] Events:
      • A Season of Events Clicks Togeather
      [Page 19] Committee Updates:
      • Planning the 14th Annual Tour de Bronx
      • Queens Membership Grows 20% ion First Half of '08
      • Join the Brooklyn Committee
      [Page 21] Best and Worst:
      • Canada: Transit Discounts on Smog Days
      • Washington D.C.: First U.S. Bikeshare Comes to D.C.
      • New Zealand: Buying Back the Rails
      • South Korea: Insurance Companies Offer No Coverage for Bicycle Crashes
      [Page 23] Volunteer Profile: Marina Bekkerman
      [Page 25] Commuter Profile: Bahiyyih Comeau

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