Winter Gear Guide

Long nights and freezing temperatures are just a few weeks off, but that doesn't mean your bicycle has to hibernate. With the right gear and an adventurous spirit, bike commuting can be a blast on the coldest days.

Four Eyes
Cold wind will make the toughest cyclist cry; so will a rock in the eye. For those who aren’t optometrically inclined by nature, safety glasses from a hardware store will do.
Like a Glove
Insulated work gloves with a nice smear of Sno-Seal will keep your paws warm and dry in the worst weather.
Stay Bright
Lights are a must, but bright-colored clothing is another easy way to keep safe.
Layers and Layers
A too-warm jacket will eventually make you sweat and shiver. Better to wear lots of layers and a wind-proof shell.
Hat Trick
Bike companies sell cold-weather skullcaps that fit under most helmets, but a simple tuque will do. Just make sure you adjust your chinstrap accordingly.
Boot Up
And throw on a second pair of socks. Your toes will thank you.
Image Courtesy Andrew Hinderaker