Dollars and Sense

Michael Bloomberg
New York City Mayor
“If you were going to design–keep in mind–the perfect public transportation system, you would have it be free, and you would charge people to use cars, because you want the incentive to get them to do that.”

The Prime Minister’s Office
Jay Walder
Former MTA Chair
“The assets were not being renewed. And the infrastructure was in terrible condition.”

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NYS Assembly
Marcos Crespo
Assembly Member
“[Governor Cuomo] highlights what he needs to highlight to sound good, but there are a lot of things we’re not having an honest conversation about. I would say that transit funding is one of those.”
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Joe Lhota
MTA Chair
“There’s going to be the need for broad-based tax revenue somewhere within the system over the next couple of years[...].The money coming from Albany, coming from the feds is reducing, and the pressure on tolls is increasing.”
NYS Senate
Daniel Squadron
State Senator
“It’s like the chairman [Joe Lhota] said, we have to do more at the state level to fund our mass transit.”

Denise Richardson
Managing Director, General Contractors Association of New York
“The candidates must look at what can and should be done to fund the system, which is synonymous with New York City, and which fuels the entire downstate region’s $1.26 trillion economy.”