Talking about Bike Share

Paul Steely White
“Citi Bike will give New Yorkers and the 50 million tourists who visit New York each year a healthy, green way to navigate the city.”
– City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Michael Murphy
“Most of what I hear is, ‘How come there’s not a station that’s closer to me? There are parts of Brooklyn where if you stop walking for a second, someone is going to chain their bike to you.”
– Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan

Michael Murphy
“This can change the city. Not everything overnight, but it gives people a whole new way to get around. Bike share programs have been off-the-chart successful, I think, everyplace they’ve done them.”
– Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“I am very happy to know that when your new Bike Share system is launched next month, there will be bike stations here in our neighbourhood. I would much rather see bicycles and bike-riders around here than the limousines, armoured SUVs and other gas-guzzling cars that we all use at the United Nations!”
– United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon

Andrew Parsons
“My advice is, ‘Enjoy it.’ I think it’s high time that New York had it. It’s a great scheme; it will go well.”
– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Mauricio Macri
“It will make New Yorkers rethink their city and rewrite the mental maps we use to decide what is convenient, what is possible. Parks, restaurants and friends who once seemed beyond plausible commuting distance on public transportation will seem a lot closer.”
– David Byrne, Author, Artist, Bike Advocate