For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow

DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan has done a whole lot for New York City’s streets in the past six years. Whether you think she’s been terrific (like we do) or totalitarian, you’ve probably shared some words about her. As a friendly farewell, we put together a few of our favorite one-liners from the past few years.

David Shankbone
“ We just disagree in certain instances where I’m acutely aware that she wants to make it hard for those that choose to own their automobiles.”

-Outgoing Brooklyn Borough
President Marty Markowitz
David Shankbone
“She laughs like no other person I deal with in the entire city.”

-City Planning Director
Amanda Burden

NY City Council
“She has an absolute certainty that she’s correct.”

-Outgoing Council
Member Lew Fidler
“Her energy, her thoughtfulness, her strategic approach, all inspired me, but also the apparent speed with which she was accomplishing things.”

--Edward Reiskin, Director of
Transportation at the San Francisco
Municipal Transportation Agency

NY City Council
“Some people would make Janette Sadik-Khan a dartboard, but I like her and I think she’s done a great job with the bike-share program.”

-Manhattan Borough
President-elect Gale Brewer
“I’ve never met her, but I know people are knocking her, but what they should remember is that at bottom, what she’s engaged in is an effort to rescue the city from an over-dependence on the automobile.”

-Robert Caro, author of The
Power Broker