Speeding Driver Injures Child & Flees The Scene Near School That Could Have Been Protected By Speed Cameras

Statement of Paul Steely White, Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives, on Video of Violent Speeding Crash Involving Child Near School:
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"In a video released yesterday, a child is seen bicycling on a neighborhood street when a driver speeds past, throwing the child onto the hood of the car and flying into the air. The driver does not stop and leaves the severely injured child in the street. 

The video of this child being maimed is horrifying and testament to a city where there are no consequences -- not even a speed camera ticket -- for reckless driving. Senate Leader John Flanagan and Senator Marty Golden are responsible, and should know that child's blood is on their hands. 

Three weeks ago, the Senate Republican majority ushered in a state of lawlessness in New York City, when they dismantled a lifesaving speed camera program. Yesterday's crash was less than a 1/3 mile from two schools -- the location could have been protected by a speed camera, if not for Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Senator Marty Golden. In 2018, in the so-called era of Vision Zero, an 11-year-old should be safe to ride their bike on a neighborhood street, but without action from Senate Republicans, I have no doubt New York City will see an increase in frequency of horrific incidents like we saw yesterday.

New York City's lifesaving speed safety camera program reduced speeding by remarkable 63% at camera locations, and reduced fatalities by 55%. Senate GOP leadership dismantled the program three weeks ago when Leader Flanagan refused to bring a bill to a vote which would have renewed and expanded the program, even though it has 35 co-sponsors, and Senator Golden, despite his professions of support, took no concrete actions to ensure its passage. The Senate must reconvene and vote on S6046-C before 1.1 million children return to school on September 5."