A Watershed Moment for Safer Streets in New York City

Statements of Families for Safe Streets and Transportation Alternatives in response to the passage of state legislation to expand New York City's school zone speed safety camera program from 140 cameras to 750 cameras:
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"We have been fighting for years to protect more New Yorkers from reckless drivers, so we're pleased to finally see this new state legislature approve a dramatic expansion of the life-saving speed safety camera program. As we know all too well, speeding is a deadly act and has to stop. We have an epidemic and speed safety cameras are a huge part of the cure. We're grateful to Senator Gounardes and Assembly Member Glick for taking up this cause and being champions for safer streets," said Amy Cohen, founding member of Families for Safe Streets

"After years of making the case for covering more school zones with this life-saving technology, we're proud to stand with Assembly Member Glick and Senator Gounardes, who have been unwavering in their support for safer streets on behalf of all New Yorkers. Given the efficacy of the original 140-camera program, which we can say without reservation has saved lives and prevented injuries on our streets, we have no doubt that this expansion will lead to a safer walk to school for many more children in the five boroughs," said Marco Conner, interim director of Transportation Alternatives. "This is a watershed moment for New York City that will lead to safer streets and neighborhoods during what is now the most dangerous times of day. We look forward to standing with Governor Cuomo to see this truly historic legislation signed into law."