March/April 2000, p.4

Building Access Hearing Delayed

Flooded with hundreds of letters and postcards, Speaker Vallone advised the NY City Council Committee of Housing and Buildings to hold a hearing for the Building Access Legislation, Int. 584. Since then, the Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater NY (BOMA) have hardened their stand against mandating bike access for all buildings with freight elevators. The date for the hearing has now been pushed back to late summer or early fall. Secure bike parking is critical in encouraging people to bike to work. We cannot allow this legislation to slide off into oblivion.

In the interim, T.A. will pursue a two-track program towards establishing bicycle access in commercial buildings. Bicycle access in NYC currently operates on a building-by-building basis. T.A. looks forward to working with BOMA NY to establish a program to voluntarily put into practice the provisions of the legislation. Following the lead of BOMA San Francisco, which already has this voluntary program in place, we can establish a bike access policy now. As building access promises to benefit all New Yorkers, T.A. will continue pushing this vital legislation in City Council.

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