March/April 2000, p.4

CityRacks - Just Waiting for the Thaw

After years of delay and more recently, months of wrangling with a contractor, the NYC Department of Transportation's CityRacks program has gotten a second wind. Once the snow melts, the contractor will install 700 racks by the spring. The locations span the five boroughs but installation will begin south of Central Park in Manhattan. T.A. has fought hard for the CityRacks program over the years-we look forward to seeing it finally get in gear. You can help select the next 700 rack locations by filling in the form at or call T.A. at 212-629-8080 and we can fax you a form. You can also come by the T.A. office and pick up request forms to hand out to the owners of stores/schools/libraries/museums that you frequent - so they can submit locations too.

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