March/April 2000, p.5

Flawed B-Bridge Entrance Needs Finish

By spring, construction on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge will be completed. Its finish marks a giant benchmark in T.A.'s eight-year campaign to win better bike and pedestrian access to the bridge. The new access will provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians, and should make it easier to get on and off the promenade. Cyclists please take note: the completed entrance will shift the bicycle lane to the north side of the promenade and the foot lane to the south. This switch is intended to reduce conflict between cyclists and pedestrians at the new entrance.

While the new entrance will certainly look nicer than today's unsightly traffic island on Centre Street, it still leaves much to be desired. The Department of Transportation has obstinately rejected the excellent design improvements of urban designers Carolyn Konheim and Michael King, which would make the entrances safer and more effective. Their simple recommendations include moving crosswalks and stop bar markings. DOT's continued resistance to these fine suggestions will prolong the daily frustration and conflict between cyclists and pedestrians. T.A. will continue advocating these improvements.

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