March/April 2000, p.5

DOT Steps Up to Bat on Slippery Plates

T.A. discovered that last summer the Department of Transportation quietly eliminated its own rule requiring the steel plates covering street cuts be skid-proof and flush with the surrounding surface. After receiving letters from T.A., our members and City Councilman Leffler calling for the skid-proof regulation to be reinstated, Assistant Commissioner William Hirsch wrote T.A. that the DOT was "currently soliciting skid resistant plate specifications from other cities and states." Additionally, the DOT's Highway Inspection and Quality Assurance Department is testing a range of skid resistant materials.

DOT's response is encouraging. Write and remind the DOT that we appreciate their reevaluation of this rule change and hope they will continue to move toward a reinstatement of Section 2-11(e)(10) of the Highway Rules and Regulations.

Write to:
William Hirsch, AICP
Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Permit Management
and Construction Control
40 Worth St. Rm. 905
New York, NY 10013

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