March/April 2000, p.16

Volunteer of the Month: Kerri Martin

Age: 27
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Occupation: Computer Programmer
T.A. Member Since: 1997. Volunteering since 1997, superstar volunteer for the past 5 months
How did Kerri Martin start down the path that led to T.A. Volunteer-of-the-Month stardom?
I found out about T.A. when I did the New York City Century Ride. I became a member, and heard about volunteering through the newsletter. Recently I've been coming faithfully because I found myself complaining about the cars in Central Park. I ride through it on my way home from work. It's unbelievable the amount of people who are cycling and running, even with the little space they give us. All the cars are trying to rush home at that time-it's just ridiculous. I thought, "How can I complain and not do anything about it?"
What do your volunteer activities include?
Volunteer Night, rallies and the Bike Show.
Tell us about your work with the Bike Show.
We recently took the cameras out on our bikes, rode around Central Park and interviewed bikers. They seemed enthusiastic about what T.A. does, and the Bike Show. Our question of the day was, "How does Hollywood characterize bicyclists in the movies?" Everyone said movie cyclists were rebels!
Are you a rebel?
Most people think I'm a rebel for biking to work. I get weird looks, especially because I work in the World Financial Center, everyone dressed in suits. But now they're used to me. I've even gotten some people at work to start commuting by bike, others have asked me about it, hoping to start when the weather gets nicer.
Favorite mode of non-motorized transport?
Biking! To commute and for fun on the weekends. I've tried mountain biking a couple of times but haven't been too successful, and I snowboard, too.
You're Mayor for a day - what do you do?
Change that message that taxi cabs play, "Don't forget to take your receipt." Those who need to won't forget. It should be something more practical: "Watch out for cyclists as you open your doors," or "Please open your doors slowly." It's a simple thing to get into people's heads- they'll know to look all the time and this will prevent dooring accidents. I'd also get the cars out of Central Park.
Thoughts on Volunteer Night?
I love it. It makes me feel like I'm doing something about the problems I complain about. It's interesting, the many types of people who come-they come from all different backgrounds but they still have that common interest, alternative modes of transportation. It's nice to hear about their experiences, about their commutes and the trips they've taken.
What can we do to make Volunteer Night better?
Get rid of the ginger snaps, who likes them? It's something your grandmother gives you - if you're going to eat a cookie, it might as well be good!