May/June 2000, p.3

It's not goodbye, it's just "see ya later"

T.A. bids a fond farewell to Sharon Soons, our outstanding Director of Membership and Events. The hundreds of volunteers who pass through our doors will miss her familiar face and leadership. Sharon is taking over as Communications Director at the NY League of Conservation Voters (LCV), the powerful political arm of the statewide environmental movement. In her 3 1/2 year tenure at T.A., Sharon moved mountains. She recruited untold volunteers for tasks ranging from creating computer mapping systems to stuffing envelopes. She rigorously streamlined T.A.'s membership system and established the NYC Century Bike Tour as one of the premier rides in the nation. She also created volunteer night, the engine of T.A.'s mass mailing machine. Not content to rest on her laurels, Sharon has served as managing editor of this publication and burned the midnight oil to get it to press on time. This jack of all trades and master of many came to T.A. from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. At LCV she continues her powerful contribution to New York's environmental movement.

T.A. welcomes Seth Asher as our new Director of Membership and Events. Seth is a core member of T.A.'s Brooklyn Committee and a ride leader with the Five Borough Bicycle Club. In his former life he was a financial advisor. Please give Seth a rousing welcome. Call him to volunteer for T.A.