May/June 2000, p.5

CityRacks In Full Bloom

To the credit of the NYCDOT Bicycle Program and especially the former CityRacks Program Manager John Graham, 892 new bicycle racks will be installed by the end of June. Following common sense siting standards, Graham has made hundreds of cyclists and store owners happy by installing racks at or near their requested locations. Graham's "can do" approach is a positive contrast to the restrictive and unrealistic siting standards which paralyzed rack installation for years.

The act of bolting down some 1700 bike racks has not been easy. Back in February of 1994, The Villager proclaimed that "Cyclists may find a big crop of bike racks turning up thanks to a large federal grant Transportation Alternatives has secured." Now, six years and countless meetings, phone calls and letters later, that "big crop" is finally yielding fruit.

Number of racks installed by year
Pre-2000: 650
2000: 892
2001: 800
Total CityRacks: 2,342

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