May/June 2000, p.5

T.A. Urges Cops to Safeguard Bikes After Crashes

The last thing an injured cyclist needs to worry about is the fate of his or her bike. But for many of the 3,500 NYC bicyclists struck every year, the pain of a crash is compounded by the need to cajole cops or EMS workers into taking their bikes. Obviously, the best thing the cops can do is make the streets safer. But they can also put crash victims at ease by watching after their bikes. To this end, T.A. is asking the police department to provide a voucher and take a victim's bicycle to the nearest police precinct for retrieval later by the owner or a friend. T.A. hopes to see police brass issue a rule to this effect soon.

Write and ask top cop Scanlon to help cyclists after crashes. (Send T.A. a copy.)

Write to:
Chief John Scanlon
Chief of Patrol
1 Police Plaza
New York, NY 10003