Summer 2000, p.6

City Racks Continue to Surge

The latest round of 892 City Rack installations is 95% complete. While installing the new bicycle racks over the past four months, the DOT informally monitored rack use throughout the city, and added additional racks to popular locations. A case in point is the three new single-loop racks installed in front of the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the north side of Union Square. This installation is meant to relieve a crowded rack already in place.

The process of collecting and evaluating new sites for the next round of 800 racks is underway. You can submit suggested sites via T.A.'s link to the DOT website at, or by calling 212-442-7687. You can also call the T.A. office at 212-629-8080, and we will send or fax you a request form.

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