Summer 2000, p.8

DOT to Pedestrians: Get Out of the Way
of Trucks on Sidewalks

The sign above is from the corner of Central Park South and 7th Avenue- the same intersection where, in 1995, Eugenia Renom, 80, and her daughter Angelica Chorberg, 50, were both killed by a truck as they crossed the street hand-in-hand. Now, according to the DOT, not only must pedestrians take their lives into their own hands when they attempt to cross the street, but they should be prepared to dive out of the way when trucks jump the sidewalk. This is a prime example of a location where pro-active engineering, made possible by 1999's traffic calming law, should be applied. T.A. recommends that the City install full six-foot neckdowns and bollards at the corners and a median to prevent illegal and reckless turning movements.

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