Summer 2000, p.12

Central Park: Close the Entrances

Below is a picture of the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park in 1993, and one that shows it car-free today. Closing this reclaimed park space for users simplified traffic patterns at Columbus Circle, and also showed once again that park entrances can be successfully closed to cars. Other entrances that have been closed include West 110th Street, West 106th Street and 5th Avenue, and 60th Street.

The Parks Department and the Central Park Conservancy should be pursuing the closure of the lightly-used park entrances north of 72nd Street at East 90th, East 103rd, West 77th, West 90th and West 100th Streets. These closures could be done with little hassle, and would provide a car-free upper loop for park users, reduce car use and set a precedent for a park that is completely car-free.

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