Fall 2000, p.5

Mammoth Building Creates Mammoth Bike Parking

As more and more industrial buildings are converted to offices for dot.coms and other non-traditional white collar work, the time is ripe to infuse bicycle parking into their designs. A prime example is the massive Starrett Leigh Building on Manhattan’s West side.  Building managers there noticed the influx of tenants commuting to work by bicycle and are creating a 100-bicycle, 600-sq. ft., 24-hour deluxe bicycle room.

As is the case with many industrial buildings, the Starrett Leigh has ample available space and flexibility in designing bike parking areas. It houses Internet-related companies with workers who are generally younger, dress casually, and are more apt to commute by bicycle.

If you live or work in a similar building, contact T.A. and your building’s manager to discuss indoor bicycle parking.

Due to the many inquires and the surge in buildings being converted, T.A. will be publishing a comprehensive ‘how-to’ booklet to be used as a tool for convincing building owners to install secure bicycle parking. Contact Susan Boyle at T.A. for more information 212-629-8080.

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