Fall 2000, p.5

Cycling News: Confusion on Brooklyn Bridge Mars Improvements

In August the Department of Transportation finished the bulk of the work on the newly rebuilt Manhattan side entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge promenade. DOT capped the stairwell to the Brooklyn Bridge-Chambers St. Subway station, and put fencing between cyclists and pedestrians at the crosswalk connecting the Bridge's promenade to the Municipal Building. Unfortunately, DOT did not install new signs and markings that clarify where cyclists should ride. Nor did DOT add a much needed new crosswalk.

In preparation for switching bicycle riders from the south side to the north side of the bridge path the DOT removed existing directional signage but did not replace it. The result is chaos and conflict between cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge. According to the DOT new signage will not be ready until mid October, but at T.A's request they will put up temporary signage in the interim. Cyclists and pedestrians dodging each other on the bridge path are right to be angry at DOT for its inability to post new signs promptly.

The grand redesign of the promenade will not be complete until a new crosswalk is added connecting the west curb of the promenade to City Hall park, 20 feet nearer to Chambers Street then the existing one. The crosswalk is desperately needed to reduce conflicts between pedestrians by allowing the majority of pedestrians to cross separately from cyclists.

Write to the Deputy Mayor of Operations Joe Lhota and remind him to make sure Brooklyn Bridge users are well notified when bicycles are switched from the south side to the north side of the path and the additional crosswalk is installed.

Joseph J. Lhota
Deputy Mayor for Operation
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

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Top left and continuing clockwise: Follow the progress the Manhattan approach to the Brooklyn Bridge has made over the last 2 decades. Note the absence of the subway entrance in the most recent photo and the fact that the inlaid brass stencils (at bottom of photo) are being ignored due to a lack of supplementary signage.