Fall 2000, p.6

Cycling News: T.A. Launches Staten Island Bike Parking at Transit

In july, after six years of red tape, T.A. started work on a State DOT contract to design, place and market bicycle parking facilities for bike-to-transit commuters on Staten Island. T.A.’s job is to recommend bike parking solutions for select Staten Island Rail Road stations and express bus stops. Additionally T.A. will seek better parking at the S.I. Ferry terminal. The contract set a precedent for encouraging bike-to-transit travel in New York City and partnerships between transportation agencies and advocates. T.A. looks forward with Region 11 of the State DOT to get S.I. transit riders to “park and ride” their bikes. The process of selecting sites and facilities has just begun. We need your ideas and suggestions to make sure the bicycle parking works and is attractive. Please let us know where you bike to transit and would like to see new bicycle parking facilities on Staten Island. You can contact John Lindsay with your suggestions at 212-629-7149, or jlindsay@sibikepark.com.

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