Fall 2000, p.8

Hated Pedestrian Barrier Comes Down

In early July, the Department of Transportation removed the despised crosswalk barricade at 8th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets. Since their installation in March of this year, the barricades had been intensely criticized by local elected officials, the community board, local businesses, and Hell's Kitchen residents. The barricades were the latest installment in Mayor Giuliani's ill-informed and much-maligned plan to keep pedestrians from crossing at certain corners as a way of improving traffic flow. The barriers were unique in that they were located in a primarily residential neighborhood, which made them vulnerable to protest in a way that other midtown barricades are not. The 8th Avenue barricades were removed in the same manner in which they were installed: in the dead of night, with no notice or reason given to the community or elected officials.

T.A. applauds the removal of these barricades, and calls on the City to remove all of the remaining pedestrian barricades, and give environmentally friendly walkers the right of way they deserve.

"The barricades didn't stop people from walking in the street, and they really didn't seem to make any difference to traffic. It's been estimated that installing and removing the pedestrian barricades cost at least $110,000. What a monumental waste of public funds."
-State Senator Tom Duane

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