Fall 2000, p.16

Commuter Profile

Name: Emily Chan
Neighborhood: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Occupation: I make maps at the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance.
How long is your commute?
5.62 miles. I just know. No, just kidding, my cyclometer told me.
How long does it take?
Door to door it's about 40 minutes.
How long have you been commuting by bike? 3 years.
What type of bike do you ride?
I ride a mountain bike now but I used to ride a cruiser until the seat post cracked. When I took it apart I saw that there was a welded copper pipe in the seat post. I could have impaled myself on it!
Where do you park your bike?
At work I park my bike next to my desk.
Ever had a bike stolen? No.
No? How do you lock it?
Before I got my chunky chain I used a U-lock and cable lock. Now I make sure the chain locks both my frame and front wheel to the fixture I am locking to. I still use my cable lock to lock my seat and rear wheel.
So you have indoor bike parking at work, that's great:
Yes. There are also bike racks outside my building but I feel much more safe bringing it inside.
Describe your daily commute:
I love riding past Fort Greene Park and over the river. After navigating my way through the tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge, I try my best to avoid the jaywalking Wall Streeters and opening taxi doors. When I am riding on Lafayette and Park I use my bell and quick steering to make sure I am always in view to drivers and pedestrians.
Do you consider yourself an aggressive or passive cyclist?
A few years ago I learned some tricks from a bike messenger and I now consider myself an assertive cyclist. I try to take my lane and always ride far out from the curb and parked cars. Hand signals help too. In NYC they really throw drivers off. It's quite hilarious!
Best cycling moments?
Riding home after a long day, the sun setting behind me, and seeing that all the pedestrians are on one side of the Brooklyn Bridge path. Oh yeah, and last year I rode my first T.A. (half) Century with Omar and he had his boom box on his rack. It was so fun!

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