Fall 2000, p.17

Volunteer Profile

Name: Eugene Carrington
Age: 50
Neighborhood: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Lived in City: All my life
T.A. member: 1 year, 9 months
Volunteering: twice a month at volunteer night and at the NYC Century
Occupation: Bike Messenger
How did you hear about T.A.?
I saw City Cyclist in a bike shop and noticed the listing for volunteer night. I checked it out and met a friendly group of people who all shared a common interest in cycling and environmental issues.
When did you start riding?
I started riding when I was 9 years old. I biked for fun. Eventually I started riding for transportation. In 1990 my bike was stolen and I didn't ride for 6 years.
Volunteer Activities:
I like to go to the mailing parties
at T.A. (on the second and last Wednesday of every month). I distribute T.A. materials to people while I am working. People are generally receptive to T.A.'s message. I also helped at this year's NYC Century ride.
What do you like/dislike about Volunteer Night?
I like doing the mailings and enjoy talking to T.A. members about their experiences biking here and abroad. It can get a little crowded. We need to use the card tables more often.
What issues concern you as cyclist in NYC?
Bike Parking: There is not enough bike parking in Downtown Brooklyn. I recently did jury duty and couldn't find a place to park. Also, on Fulton St. There are many stores but nowhere to lock your bicycle. There are beautiful stone/wood benches for people to sit, but no racks to lock bicycles.
Bikes to transit: The MTA needs to put bike racks next to both subway and bus stops. More racks would encourage people to use a bicycle for transportation. Also, more bicycles on the street helps calm traffic.
Anything Else?
Bicycle magazines that run automobile ads are a slap in the face.