Winter 2001, p.4

A Tale of Two Terminals
Momentum Builds For First Class Bike Parking at Penn Station

Safe and secure bicycle parking designed by T.A. for Penn Station.In December, T.A. pitched an innovative design to the 34th Street Partnership for secure bicycle parking at Pennsylvania Station. T.A.'s plan calls for 70 sheltered, conveniently located, and well-lit parking spaces for bicycles. For increased security, all users would have to register for a swipe card to gain access. The parking would be installed at the fenced-in areas in the taxi underpass that runs between 7th and 8th Avenues. The 34th St. Partnership is committed to installing the parking, pending Amtrak's approval.

The 34th Street Partnership is excited about creating an attractive and organized place for parking bicycles at Penn Station. They recognize the range of benefits - which include reducing theft and vandalism, putting unused space to good use, and establishing a citywide and national model for bicycle parking. The parking will also serve to attract new transit riders to commuter and subway trains and potential customers to local businesses.

The 34th Street Partnership heads the Business Improvement District (BID), which contains Bryant Park, Herald Square, and Penn Station. They were integral in making the pedestrian improvements in Herald Square happen.

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