Winter 2001, p.5

Soon To Be Safer Williamsburg Bridge Path

Pictured is the old bike and pedestrian path on the north side of the Williamsburg Bridge. According to DOT it will be open with surveillance cameras by September 2002.Recently there were two muggings and a crash between a runner and a cyclist on the Williamsburg Bridge bike and pedestrian path. In response, T.A. renewed our request for the DOT to install emergency call boxes and surveillance cameras to deter crime on the path.

The DOT responded positively, stating that surveillance cameras will be installed along the north and south paths by fall 2002. In the interim, the DOT asked the 7th and 90th police precincts to increase patrols along the path. From September through November, there was a noticeable increase in the police presence on the bridge. However, police stationed on the bridge said it was to crack down on graffiti artists.

According to the DOT, emergency call boxes are the jurisdiction of the fire department. A decision on the boxes will be made by spring 2001. Call boxes create allow direct contact with emergency personnel and increase safety for everyone using the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge bicycle and pedestrian path has long had emergency call boxes in place and is considered the safest East River crossing.
Thanks to requests from State Senator Martin Conner, and T.A. Bridge Watcher Dave Lines, the path is now cleaned every Monday and Friday. Also a dozen new trash cans have been placed along the path.

Write to Frank Gribbon, the Deputy Commissioner at the fire department. Tell him the Williamsburg bridge needs emergency call boxes on the bike and pedestrians path:

Mr. Frank Gribbon
Deputy Commissioner of
Public Information for the NYFD
9 Metrotech Plaza
Brooklyn , NY 11201

Write to the DOT to thank them for their commitment to install surveillance cameras and for keeping the bridge path clean and regularly maintained:

Hasan Ahmed
Williamsburg Bridge Field Office
Department of Transportation
413 Wythe Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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