Winter 2001, p.6

Guaranteed Bike Lane

The cones eliminated double parking cars in the 2nd Ave. bike lane and put smiles on cyclists' faces.A crowd of committed T.A members and officer Depoian from the Manhattan Traffic Task Force took to the streets in November to "guarantee" the 2nd Avenue bike lane. Traffic cones lined the bike lane from 14th to 11th Streets for one hour. The cones prevented cars from double parking and driving through the lane - serving the same function as the bollards installed along the Broadway bike lane in Herald Square.

Passing cyclists were pleasantly surprised by the protection from cars that the cones provided and doubly pleased to get free reflective tape to put on their bikes. The lane's guarantors also distributed "Give Respect / Get Respect" leaflets encouraging cyclists to keep off the sidewalks, yield to pedestrians and ride with--not against--traffic.

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