Winter 2001, p.7

Spreading The Word For Indoor Bike Parking

A fine example of indoor bike parking is at the National Resources Defense Council offices on 23rd St.Every cyclist wants indoor bike parking, but few have it. One of the biggest hurdles to getting indoor bike parking, whether at home or at work, is convincing building owners that it is a worthy use of their valuable space. To help combat this hurdle, Transportation Alternatives and the NY Metropolitan Transportation Committee (NYMTC) have teamed up to produce a how-to booklet to encourage building owners and managers to install secure indoor bike parking. The booklet lays out the basics
of installing bike parking and dispels the many unfounded concerns building owners often have.

NYMTC's support for this project and bicycle advocacy in the region is extraordinary and progressive in comparison to other local agencies. Look for the booklet at all NYC Bike Week events. It will also be distributed to building owners and managers around the region this spring.

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