Winter 2001, p.7

Reinstate Skid Proof Plates

Death traps for cyclists: The DOT must reinstate the regulations to make them safer.In June 1998, the City Department of Transportation amended its Highway Rules and Regulations, eliminating the rule requiring that steel plates covering street excavations be both skid resistant and flush with the surrounding street surface. As a result, bicyclists and other New Yorkers are now exposed to serious injury and potentially fatal crashes. Due to requests from T.A. and our members, the DOT held a hearing in December that discussed reinstating the regulation. A final decision is now before DOT Commissioner Weinshall.

Write to Commissioner Weinshall and urge her to reinstate Section 2-10(A,B) of Highway Rules and Regulations, which requires skid proof plates over street cuts:

Commissioner Weinshall
Department of Transportation
40 Worth Street
New York , NY 10013

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