Winter 2001, p.21

Volunteer Profile: Dave Lines

Name: Dave Lines
Occupation: Graphic Artist
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
T.A. Member Since: 1997
How did you get involved with T.A.?:
I used to walk past the old T.A. office in the East Village and always wondered what it was all about. Then I started biking to work, and got frustrated with the conditions facing cyclists in New York. I complained constantly to my friends about the poor conditions. At some point I felt I should really do something about it, so I joined T.A.
What are your volunteer activities?:
I help at T.A. volunteer nights and also write letters to various city and state departments about the conditions on the Williamsburg Bridge. The letter writing is part of T.A.'s Bridge Watchers program. The program was started to help monitor the bike and pedestrian paths on New Yorkís bridges. Conditions on the bridge paths are always changing and need constant attention. I am the Williamsburg Bridge Watcher. I pay attention to the various conditions on the bridge and pass the information along to T.A..
Why is the Williamsburg Bridge so important to you?:
A friend of mine was beaten up on the bridge, which scared me as a commuter who uses that bridge. That event inspired me to help ensure that the bridge was clean, safe, and secure. I want to help open a line of communication between the police precincts on either side of the bridge. Increased police presence on the bridge would help commuters feel safer and hopefully keep crime down.
Being such a great volunteer, I am sure you are in demand. Why does T.A. get your attention?:
Because I really think T.A. is a tremendous organization. A lot of the things that T.A. has initiated (i.e. new bike lanes, bridge paths) are really great. And there is a still a long way to go. It is a travesty that this city doesn't do more to support cyclists and pedestrians. I mean, obviously the car is a poor form of transportation. It is important for planners to think of cyclists and pedestrians first, and automobiles last.
What one T.A. issue concerns you the most?:
The fact that bicycles are not regarded as a viable means of transportation. Bikes are often looked at as a recreational toy. A lot of the other problems cyclists face stem from that idea.