Winter 2001, p.22

Commuter Profile: Pascal and Mitch Abidor

Name: Pascal and Mitch Abidor (son and father)
Ages: 16 and 48
Occupation: Mitch: Hospital Admissions Director at Cook County Hospital.
Pascal: Junior in High School. I want to be a doctor someday.
Neighborhood: Marine Park Brooklyn
Number of years commuting:
11 years. P: 3 years.
Length of Commute: M: 20 minutes. P: 15 minutes.
Reason for Joining T.A.:
M: Someone has got to defend cyclists.
Why did you start cycling to work?
M: I was traveling in Berlin and I saw all these people riding around on bikes. I thought: 'Hey, I should try this in New York.'
P: I didn't get a full fare bus pass.
Why kind of bicycle do you ride?:
M: A Globe 3-speed city bike.
P: A Ross mountain bike.
Where do you park your bicycle?
M: I bring it into my office.
P: I chain it to the fence outside school with a Kryptonite lock. There is no bike rack. The Principal discouraged cycling when my Dad asked about installing one.
Ever had a bicycle stolen?
M: On Broadway about ten years ago, in the middle of the day.
Essential gear?
(In unison) Always a helmet!
What do you love about riding in the city?
M: The ability to get anywhere without paying for gas, or finding a parking spot.
P: I love passing cars stuck in traffic!
What makes you leave your bike at home?
M: Nothing! I ride in every season, although my favorite season is fall. During the blizzard of '96 I was back on my bike on the third day of the storm.
P: Same here, I ride all the time.
Favorite Recreational Ride:
M: The bike route along the West Side.
P: Into the city across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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