Winter 2001, p.23

Commuter Profile: Joel S. Seidenstein

Name: Joel S. Seidenstein
Neighborhood: Leonia, New Jersey
Occupation: Social Studies Teacher at The Bronx High School of Science
How Long Is Your Commute: 40 mins in and 55 mins home.
What Kind of Bike Do you Ride? I ride a basic Trek touring bike, with extra wide tires. I also have a Litespeed, which I ride for pleasure.
Where do you park your bicycle?
In an old classroom wardrobe closet that is no longer used by the students. Indoor parking is a key ingredient in my ability to commute by bicycle.
What is your Route?
I cross the George Washington Bridge, then the Washington Bridge, then up through the west Bronx. On the way back home, I go across the Broadway Bridge, then up the little known elevator in Fort Tryon Park. The elevator is at the 190th St. 'A' train stop. I return to New Jersey over the GW Bridge.
Sounds like an interesting commute. How long have you been doing this?
This is the fourth year.
How did you used to get to work?
By car.
Why did you switch to bicycling?
The exercise, being outdoors, less traffic hassles, especially over the GWB. I also switched to cycling because it is a good image to set for the students. The school has recently chosen me as 'Alternative Transportation Coordinator.'
Your overall impression of cycle commuting is good though?
Oh definitely. It is more relaxing and more enjoyable. One of the real bonuses is that my route takes me through less busy, residential neighborhoods (as opposed to riding in Midtown).
Any good stories from the classroom?
In one class I explained to the students the reason for the new style cut out bicycle seats, particularly for men. One quiet student was so interested that she wrote me a little jingle: "For we may forget our Shakespeare, and lose our math skills over time, but we'll never forget which bike seat will keep men in their prime!"

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