Spring 2001, p.4

Bike Parking Possibilities Abound At Metro Tech

TA's Brooklyn Committee is reaching out to developers in downtown Brooklyn requesting bicycle parking be included in the planned new buildings. There are several new buildings planned for the Metro Tech building complex, which is near the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. The largest of the new buildings is being built by Forest City Ratner and will accommodate hundreds of employees at 9 Metro Tech South, located on the Metro Tech plaza, off of Jay Street.

Because of Metro Tech's proximity to the bridges it is exceptionally accessible by bicycle. The nearby Brooklyn Bridge is the most popular route for cyclists traveling between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Additionally, in June the Manhattan Bridge is opening to cyclists and undoubtedly will attract even more people to cycle to and from the Metro Tech area. This is a great opportunity to get well thought out, secure, bicycle parking at one of the City's premier work sites.

Ask Forest City Ratner to install secure bicycle parking at their new Metro Tech building. 

Write to:

Bruce Ratner
Forest City Ratner
1 Metrotech Ctr.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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