Spring 2001, p.4

Fewer Potholes Just A Call Away

Spring is here and New York City's streets are once again riddled with potholes and hazards. Don't despair; there is something you can do to improve the conditions of our streets. Report potholes and street defects to the DOT and help make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Point out specific potholes from your commute and make your mornings safer and more enjoyable. When potholes are reported to the DOT they are obligated to send an inspector to the site. Your reports will not be ignored.

To report a street defect by phone:

Call: (212) 225-5368 (CALL-DOT)
Dial 2 then Dial 1

A DOT call manager will answer, and take your complaint. They will give you a claim number to check on the progress of the repair but will not give you a completion date.

To report a street hazard online:

Go to:


When filing a complaint online you will receive a claim number in the mail.

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