Spring 2001, p.4

Bike and Ride On Staten Island

Staten island cyclists are getting closer to having secure bicycle parking at SI Railroad and express bus stops. In February T.A. presented the New York State DOT with recommendations for bicycle parking on Staten Island. This precedent-setting project sponsored by the State DOT is the only bike-to-transit program in the city.
Currently there is no bicycle parking at Staten Island transit stops. However, every Staten Island Rail Road (SIRR) station and express bus stop could use it. In some cases, installing bicycle racks would work, in less secure locations bicycle lockers or enclosed areas are needed. T.A. visited Staten Island and ranked locations using these criteria: transit connections, location, existing vehicle and bicycle parking, security, accessibility and demand. Eight SIRR and express bus stops were identified: St. George Ferry Terminal; Great Kills station; Huguenot station; Dongan Hills station; Arthur Kill and Huguenot Ave; Clifton station; Nassau station; and Hylan Blvd. and Buffalo St. express bus connections. Using these recommendations as a guide, the State DOT can begin to install secure bicycle parking on Staten Island. You can see the complete reports at www.sibikepark.com.

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