Spring 2001, p.6

Park Your Bike In My Building

A great example of bicycle at a parking garage on 10th St.Space for bikes: a resource for installing indoor Bicycle Parking" is hot off the presses. The booklet was produced by T.A. and funded by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Committee (NYMTC). It targets building owners and managers who are interested in providing indoor bicycle parking, and can be used as a tool for tenants who want to show their landlords the benefits of bicycle parking.

The booklet explains why buildings should have bicycle parking and how to install it. It also describes how indoor bicycle parking:

  • Is a cost-effective way for building owners and managers to satisfy their tenants.
  • Attracts tenants to live or work in a building because the environment and tenants' health are being considered.
  • Requires minimal space. An area of 14 feet by 6 feet can store 10-12 bicycles.
  • Is already in many buildings throughout NYC. We list a dozen examples with descriptions of the parking and building contacts.
  • Can be provided in many forms including as a bike area or room, access to tenants' space, in the parking garage, as well as outside with bike lockers or locked fenced-in areas.
  • Follows NYC Rules and Regulations without creating fire hazards or liability concerns.

To order a booklet e-mail bike@transalt.org or call 212-629-8080. View it on-line at www.transalt.org/bikeparking.

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