Spring 2001, p.6

Tell DOT Where To Put It

Right now is a prime opportunity to get a bike rack at your favorite cycling destination. The DOT CityRacks team is set to install 800 racks by June. By September a total of 2,292 racks will be on the street. But the DOT needs cyclists like you to help recommend locations. CityRacks can be installed on city-owned sidewalks or in a private garages with 24 hour public access. Whether you ride to work, the store or to the movies - if your favorite destination is missing bike parking, survey the location and submit it to DOT. Be certain the location fits the following criteria:

1. On city-owned property (includes basically all sidewalks).
2. On wide sidewalks (minimum sidewalk width 12 feet).
3. Removed from the natural flow of pedestrians, usually at the curb and always away from crosswalks.
4. A minimum of 6 feet from other street furniture (e.g., street signs, mailboxes, benches, telephones).
5. Greater distances from certain features (e.g., up to 13 feet from fire hydrants, and 15 feet from bus stop shelters and newsstands).

With your help we can see a huge boost in on-street bike parking and improve cycling conditions in NYC. Submit your location(s) online at www.transalt.org/cityracks or fax it to 212-442-7790.  Or mail it to:

40 Worth Street
Room 1035
New York, NY 10013

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