Spring 2001, p.7

Next Generation of Bike Lanes

There are currently 107.5 miles of on-street bicycle lanes in NYC. This is a good start, but often stretches of bike lane stop several blocks short of making logical connections-be it to popular destinations or other lengths of bike lanes or greenways.
Below are T.A.'s recommendations to DOT for new bicycle lanes. T.A.'s lane suggestions are based on three criteria:

T.A values quality over quantity. We would rather see short stretches of strategically placed and well designed lanes than tens of miles of lanes on low traffic streets. The installation of these on-street lanes will make the existing bike route network more meaningful and effective.

1. They connect locations with heavy bicycle traffic.
2. They fill gaps in the existing lane network.
3. It is realistic to see them installed in the
next two years.

1. Hudson St. Northbound from Chambers to Spring St., linking it to the Brooklyn Bridge.
2. Lafayette Ave. A southbound lane from Spring to Chambers St. protected by bollards. This will match the lane running north on Centre St.
3. Park Ave. South. Both directions from 14th to 17th St. A continuation of the Lafayette Ave/ 4th Ave lane.
4. 17th St. Both directions from Park Ave. South to Broadway. Center median lane (recommended by the DCP).
5. 2nd Ave. South from 23rd to 14th St., and from Houston to the Manhattan Bridge. Addition to the existing lane that runs from 14th to Houston.
6. 1st Ave. Bicycle lane from 120th St. to the Willis Ave. Bridge, and from Manhattan Bridge to 72nd. St., linking with the existing lane from 72nd to 120th St.
7. 8th Ave. Northbound from 14th St. to 59th St. continuing from the existing Hudson St. lane.
8. West Broadway. Both directions from Grand St. to Walker St. (recommended in 1999 DCP report.)
9. Across Manhattan. Bike lanes on an east and westbound street every 20 blocks from 30th St. to 179th St.

The Bronx
10. Grand Concourse. From Mosholu Pelham Greenway to 145th St. Connecting the 145th St. Bridge to the to the Greenway.
11. Crotona Ave. From the south side of Crotona Park to the N.Y. Botanical Garden. Connecting to the existing Prospect Ave. lane.
12. 149th St. From the 145th Street bridge to the Soundview Park Greenway.
13. St. Ann's Ave. From 149th St. to the Triborough Bridge.
14. 3rd Ave. From the 3rd Ave. bridge to 149th St..
15. Bruckner Blvd. From the 3rd Ave. bridge to the Triborough Bridge.

16. Northern Blvd. From Flushing Meadow Park to the Queensboro Bridge.
17. 11th St. From the Pulaski Bridge to the Queensboro Bridge
18. 21st St. From the Queensboro Bridge to the Tri-Borough Bridge.
19. 34th Ave. West to the Queensboro Bridge-linking the bridge and Flushing Meadows Park/Shea Stadium.

20. Flatbush Ave from Prospect Park to the Manhattan Bridge.
21. Bedford Ave. from Bergen Street to the Williamsburg Bridge.
22. Kent Ave. from the Williamsburg Bridge to the Pulaski bridge including lanes on Franklin, Eagle, and Freeman Streets.
23. Link the Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges along the waterfront with a bike lane along Kent Ave., Flushing Ave., Gold St., and Tillary St. to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Staten Island
24. Bay Street. From Father Capodanno Blvd. to the Ferry Terminal
25. Railroad Ave. Guyon Ave. to Hyland Ave. to the southern tip of the island.
26. Richmond Terrace. From the Ferry Terminal to the Bayonne Bridge.

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