Spring 2001, p.8

Downtown Brooklyn Calming Collapses

Two years after the kickoff of the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming project, residents are still waiting to see the first of the pilot projects.There's still no sign of the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming pilot projects - originally scheduled to be in the ground last December. According to sources within the DOT, administrative hurdles and negotiations with individual contractors have continued to push back the pilot construction. However, the wait has been exceedingly long - the project is almost a year behind schedule. Write to Department of Transportation Borough Commissioner Kathy Keegan and Council Member Kenneth Fisher and let them know that the community has waited long enough.

Kathy Keegan, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner
NYC Department of Transportation
44 Court St., Rm 207
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Council Member Kenneth Fisher
16 Court St. Rm. 1009
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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