Spring 2001, p.8

Get Off The Sidewalk!

Cars take scarce sidewalk space away from pedestrians.Parking on sidewalks is rampant in NYC. the police and fire departments, rental car agencies, and parking garages are some of the worst offenders. All over the city, motorists, businesses, and government workers feel that they have the right to take away already scant walking space and force pedestrians into the street.

NYC traffic rules section 4-08 states that "No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle on a sidewalk, unless otherwise indicated by posted signs, markings or other traffic control devices, or at the discretion of a law enforcement officer." The fine is $50, and it is a tow-able offense.

T.A. is taking a stand against this dangerous and illegal activity and is asking the City to crack down on sidewalk parking all around the city. Parking on sidewalks should be treated just like those offenses that comparably inconvenience motorists, such as "blocking the box" or double parking.

Write Commissioner Kerik and let him know that the police need to get cars off of the sidewalks.

Commissioner Bernard Kerik, NYPD
1 Police Plaza
New York, NY 10038

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