Spring 2001, p.11

Speed Camera Legislation Surges

Speed cameras have proven to slow speeds and reduce deaths and injuries.In late march, state senator frank Padavan and Assembly Member Deborah Glick introduced state legislation that would authorize the use of 20 automated speed cameras in NYC. State Senator Marchi and Assembly Members Gottfried, Lavelle, Mayersohn, Millman and Seddio, are co-sponsors of the bill.

Assembly bill A07355 and Senate bill S03799 provide for a three-year program allowing for the City DOT to install 20 automated speed cameras. The speed cameras use technology similar to NYC's successful red-light camera program. Speeders who trigger the cameras have their license plates photographed and subsequently receive citations with a $50 fine, but with no points assessed to the driver's license.
This is an extremely important and timely piece of legislation. It was spurred by T.A.'s report on speed cameras that was sent to area lawmakers late in February. Speed cameras have been proven to significantly slow speeds and save lives. London has over 300 speed cameras. On the M25 motorway, one of the city's busiest roads, speed cameras reduced deaths by 60%.

The speed camera legislation seems to have the support of DOT and the Giuliani administration, but still needs a home rule message from the NYC City Council before it can make its way through the Assembly and Senate. Write City Council Speaker Peter Vallone and let him know that speed cameras will save lives and that the City Council should pass home rule legislation in support of bill number A07355/S03799.

Honorable Peter Vallone
22-45 31st St.
Astoria, NY 11105

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