Spring 2001, p.12

Brooklyn Committee Renews Campaign for More Car-Free Time

This bruised and battered barrier testifies to the need for a car-free Prospect Park.As anyone who's recently tried to take a peaceful weekday stroll through Prospect Park has been rudely reminded, there are no weekday car-free hours in Prospect Park from the last week in October through the first week in April. Currently, weekday car-free hours in Prospect Park - when the park is closed to cars from 9am to 5pm and 7pm to 10pm - are only in effect from April through October. This ill-informed and arbitrary policy has discouraged many a winter park user, while encouraging motorists to use the park as a traffic valve.

T.A. has sent letters to DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall and Parks Commissioner Henry Stern requesting that weekday summer hours be extended to all year-round. These additional hours are supported by the Prospect Park Alliance Community Committee and the Prospect Park police precinct, and would expand total yearly car-free hours in the park. Not only would park users have six more months of weekday car-free hours, but the change would generate even more momentum toward a fully car-free park. T.A. is holding a press conference in late April to highlight the return of weekday summer hours and to demand these key hours all year.

Write Commissioner Stern and let him know that you want car-free summer hours year-round in Prospect Park.

Commissioner Henry "StarQuest" Stern
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
The Arsenal, Central Park
New York, NY 10021

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